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Monday, 28 August 2017

How to identify protein build-up in hair?

Yes your hair needs protein to make it resilient and strong but too much protein can make your hair fragile. So if your is dry and brittle even after doing the protein treatment and using all the moisturising masks and shampoo, chances are that you have protein build-up in your hair. Beauty and hair expert Janet Fernandez tells you how to identify protein build-up in hair.
Identifying protein build-up in hair
If your hair feels dry and snaps off easily even after all the moistutrising hair treatments, there is too much protein build-up in your hair. If your hair feels crunchy after using coconut oil, it has protein build-up. So if your hair no longer has that natural shine and feels dry, lifeless and brittle, it is time that you fix your hair overloaded with protein.
Dealing with protein build-up in hair
It can take months for you to notice any improvement depending on the severity of the protein build -up. Proteins come in the form of keratin, amino acids, silk protein, and hydrolyzed collagen so getting rid of them can be tricky. Here are a few things you might want to avoid to bring your hair back to balance.
Do not use styling products– When you are styling your hair, avoid doing any heavy styling to prevent breakage. Also, make sure that you do not use any creams or other styling products as they could contain a lot of protein. It is best to just hold on your hair for sometime so that they remain in place.
Do not wash your hair excessively— Yes, cleansing helps do away with the excess protein in hair but do not overdo it by washing your hair excessively. Just use a clarifying shampoo to gradually reduce the protein build -up on your hair. Clear all your doubts about using a clarifying shampoo. 
Use only protein-free conditioner— Just skip using the conditioner altogether if you cannot find a protein-free one. You can try using jojoba conditioners if your hair is protein-sensitive. Also, read how you can remove product build-up in hair? 
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