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Monday, 28 August 2017

What happens when you share a razor?

You must have found yourself in this situation several times. You want to wear your favourite hot pants to date, and you end up using your friend’s razor because you want your legs to appear silky soft. Or you want to go for a swim, and you use your partner’s razor to clear that pesky hair growing on your bikini line. However, using your friend’s or your partner’s razor is dangerous according to dermatologist Dr Sejal Shah. Here’s why.
What happens when you share a razor?
While shaving, the razor collects bacteria along with the dead skin cells from the skin, so the more people share the razor, the more is the risk of infection. Your partner may carry harmful bacteria on his skin without getting sick, so it can be impossible to know if the razor is contaminated. Shaving can cause tiny nicks in the skin, so those openings can allow the bacteria to enter and spread the infection. Not only that, you become more vulnerable to warts and bacterial and fungal infections when you share a razor. Further, shaving can lead to abrasions and cuts, so it is a no-brainer that shaving can transfer blood borne diseases like HIV. Here’s what happens when you share roll-on deodorants. 
What happens when you use a men’s razor?
Women’s razors are designed to shave large surfaces, and men’s razors are designed to shave the face so you should not be sharing men’s razor anyway. Women’s razors have a grip to provide comfort for shaving curvy and hard to reach areas like the ankles and knees. So if you are using a men’s razor, you will not get the result you want.
Protip— It can be easy for you to confuse your partner’s razor for yours. To avoid the possible risk of infection, buy razors of different colours so that you always know which one is yours. Also, make sure that you keep your blade clean by rinsing it with warm water after every use. Here are 10 tips to shave your body the right way.
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