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Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Can eating chocolates give rise to cavities in kids?

Can eating chocolates give rise to cavities in kids?

Parents have this one-dimensional thought about chocolates and cavities. They always think that eating chocolates is directly proportional to having cavities. So, parents always deny their children chocolates to save the little one’s teeth and this practice is considered as good parenting. However, chocolates are not always the culprit. Other healthy foods can also cause cavities in kids.

Food particles remain stuck on the surface of the teeth after your child eats anything – food or juices. The germs in the mouth work on these remnants to convert the starch or sugar into sugar acids, which slowly and steadily erodes the enamel or the outer surface of the teeth. This happens over a period as the bacteria in the mouth keep eroding the enamel. Here are some top foods that lead to tooth decay, apart from chocolates.

Cavities happen when the enamel is decayed and the tooth is destroyed to an extent. It isn’t the chocolates alone that should be blamed. ‘There is a good amount of chance that chocolates can predispose one to develop cavities as they are loaded with sugar. If you are not careful enough to keep your child’s teeth clean after consumption of chocolates, it can give rise to cavities. But if you are capable of keeping your child’s teeth clean and maintain a good oral hygiene you can avert this problem,’ says Dr Atish Laddad, paediatrician, founder of The Pediatric Network. Here are top 10 foods to prevent tooth decay in children.

Yes, chocolates alone are not to be blamed for your child’s cavities. In fact, other food items like bread, chapattis, pasta, fruit juices, rice and others that are high in carbohydrates can lead to cavities if you fail to maintain good oral hygiene. Carbohydrate and sugar break down to sugar acids in the mouth easily to erode the enamel. Make sure that you make your child rinse her mouth thoroughly after every meal and having sticky snacks like pasta, chikki, chocolates, etc.

Good oral hygiene can help you preserve child’s teeth than just banning any food or chocolates.

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