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Thursday, 7 September 2017

Why do you smell after sex?

‘It smells like cum in here’ said every couple after a hot romp session in bed. But while you think you are sniffing in sex and everything that has to do with cum what is it that you are exactly smelling? Here’s what makes you smell different after sex according to sexologist Dr V Raina.

Scent of secretions
The vaginal lubrication, the semen and the secretions combine to create that smell between two sweaty bodies. All the lubes and spermicides impart a particular kind of musk.

The combined smell
But since anything that comes out of your vagina is acidic and your semen is alkaline, the two combine to create a scent that is neither like the smell of the vaginal fluid or the sperm. So the smell that you get after every sexcapade depends on the pH levels down there. Your food can alter your pH down there.

Rough sex
You can still expect some smell even if you use a condom. Especially if you have rough sex, you can get micro abrasions in your vagina, which can cause inflammation and things can turn out to be a little smelly.

Bacterial infection
However, if you feel the smell is bad or fishy, you should get checked for a bacterial imbalance down there. Something like a bacterial vaginosis can throw off your pH balance. An infection in his semen may also be to blame for the smell. The smell may also be accompanied by a white cloudy discharge from your vagina.

Bad hygiene habits
If you get a foul smell, it could also be because of bad hygiene habits. So make sure that you and your partner wash your private parts before sex. Frequently washing your vulva and douching can also throw off the smell. Here’s how to clean your vagina for odour-free oral sex. 

And if the after sex smell is bad enough to put you off, it could just be another sign of a sexually transmitted disease such as trichomoniasis. So make sure that you get yourself checked for an STD. Also, note these 6 signs and symptoms of a sexually transmitted infection. 

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