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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

What happens to your vagina when you orgasm

We know that men and women orgasm differently. For women, there is a lot happening in the vagina during sex. The vagina or the female genital which is involved in the act of intercourse undergoes a lot of changes during sex to make sex smooth and pleasurable.

Anatomy of a vagina

To know what happens to your vagina during orgasm, it is essential that you understand the anatomy of the organ. The vagina is a long slender tube that runs from the vaginal opening to the cervix. It is lined with soft tissues and is made of stretchy muscles, a reason why the vagina can expand during intercourse and childbirth. The part that is visible to us is the vulva which consists of the labia majora (outer lips), labia minora (inner lips), clitoris, the vestibule of the vagina, bulb of vestibule the two glands of Bartholins. The outer lips of the vagina are usually pigmented, have coarse hair and oil glands and the inner side is usually smooth and hairless. Just beneath the labia majora lies a bundle of erectile tissue called the clitoris. It has a rounded elevation at the tip know as glan clitoridis from where starts the beginning of the folds of labia minora or inner lips of the vagina. Here are six fun facts about vagina that you should know.

The labia minora surrounds the vestibule of the vagina that begins below the clitoris and carries the openings: urethra, vagina the two glands of Bartholins. The urethra opening is small and located closer to the clitoris and below it is the vaginal opening. In case you never had sexual intercourse, the vaginal opening might be covered with a thin membrane called hymen. After the first sexual encounter the hymen breaks. Here are 10 mind blowing facts about the female orgasm.

What happens during orgasm

To have smooth and pleasurable sex, it is necessary that a woman is excited enough to be aroused. Like men, even for women, the process starts in the brain when a stimulus leads to arousal. However, arousing a woman is not that easy, their partners need to put in some effort at times. Clitoral and vaginal stimulation can help one arouse a woman. This is why it is said that foreplay is important for a woman. Another way to arouse a woman is to stimulate her G-spot. It is present on the front wall of the vagina (about half way up the vaginal opening), it is a slightly bumpy region that has a large number of nerve endings, which are sensitive enough to give a woman immense pleasure. Here are six types of orgasm every woman should enjoy.

When a woman is sufficiently aroused the oils glands in the vagina, and the two Bartholin’s glands secrete oils and mucus that lubricates the area for easy penetration. When this happens even the heart rate increases, breathing becomes faster, and there is a sudden gush of blood flowing to the organ. The vagina expands and becomes longer, the outer and inner lip along with the clitoris and breasts swell and the vaginal opening constricts. Internally, even the uterus expands. When intercourse happens, the vaginal walls along with the anus and the uterus contract rhythmically till one climax.

How the brain works during orgasm

During this time the brain releases a lot of chemicals, especially the neurotransmitter dopamine which enhances the feel good factor during sex, and there is a release of oxytocin too that promotes a feeling of closeness and empathy. In women, the brain’s hippocampus and amygdala show decreased activity during sex, areas that are related to fear and anxiety. Also, during an orgasm, the other areas of the brain are less active. This shows that emotions play a pivotal role in a woman’s orgasm.

The climax

During the climax, the blood flow to the vagina ceases and the uterus, clitoris, and vagina return to its normal. Women can orgasm multiple times so a little stimulation after the climax can help one make her arouse all over again.

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