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Monday, 11 September 2017

#SingleRehneDe: 5 things Kangana Ranaut has said on behalf of all Indian singles in this song

If you were born in India and are single, you know the pain we are discussing here. Especially if you are over 25 and single. Let alone ‘society’, your parents won’t let you be in the first place. Kangana Ranaut’s new song in the movie Simran is an apt anthem for all the singles in India who love their life as it is and don’t want anyone in their life right now. I am glad Kangana has said all the things on our behalf to all the parents in India in the song. Here are a few things from the song we would all want to tell our parents too:

Why do you pick boys like you are picking something from a shopping mall? There is no doomsday approaching that you have to have to find someone because I might die tomorrow and even if it is, so what? I am okay. I would rather wait for the right one than just pick someone randomly, whom I don’t even know.

Why do you want me to get married against my wish? I trust your choice but why can’t it be our wish instead of yours solely? It’s me who has to live with the person for all my life. Let me be the judge here, support me rather!

Don’t put the pressure of some elderly person dying on my head to justify my marriage. It hurts when you ask me to get married to someone in a hurry just because some elderly person is very ill or might die soon. I have to live and be with the guy forever, why not take our time and devote our full attention in treating the elderly person in the best way possible.

Don’t keep bothering me with, “Shaadi Kar, Shaadi Kar, Shaadi Kar!” I have other work to do, aims to achieve. Why are you putting Shaadi at a pedestal that seems so unattainable? Support me in becoming someone independent and reach my goals and most importantly give YOU the life you deserve for bringing me up so well. Marriage will happen, with the right person at the right time!
‘Happy hu main happy, happy rehne de’. Yes! I am happy. I would have been in a relationship already had I needed someone in life. Let me learn to be my own happiness. I am happy being single that is why I am single. Please let me be.

Image: YouTube/T-Series

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