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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Are you eating your protein all wrong?

Are you eating your protein all wrong?

You must load up on protein to get a lean and toned body. But just adding lean meat to your plate is not going to give you all that benefits. It is essential that you eat protein the right way—the right amount and in the right quantity. Nutritionist Priya Kathpal helps you find out if you are eating your protein all wrong.

Are you eating too little or too much protein?

An average adult needs around 40-50g of protein in a day. You require more protein if you are working out every day. It can be a good idea to write down your daily food intake for about a week to ensure that you are not eating too less or too much protein.

Are you dividing your protein over the meals?

You are not supposed to consume more than 20-30 g of protein in one meal as your body is designed to absorb only that much protein at one time. So it is imperative that you spread your protein over the course of your meals. Here’s how much protein you need in each of your meals. 

Are you getting protein from a variety of sources?

If you are eating only eggs and grilled chicken you are missing out on the plant-based sources of protein like nuts, and legumes. Even if you are not a vegetarian or a vegan, it is important to eat all the plant-based protein sources to get all the nine amino acids that are manufactured by your body. Here are the top 6 protein sources for vegetarians. 

Do your snacks contain protein?

When you are hungry, you may tend to gulp down anything you find near your hand. However, your meal needs to include protein to keep you satiated. So some nuts and seeds can be excellent options for snacks.

Are you eating protein after a workout?

You need protein to repair your muscles and recover from your workout. So it is important that you get your protein within 30 minutes after your workout. So whether you are blending your protein powder in your smoothie or eating roasted peanuts make sure that you eat it immediately after your workout.

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