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Monday, 4 September 2017

Ridiculously foolish excuses people give for their hickey or love bites

Don’t tell me that after a wild night you haven’t EVER been left with hickeys or love bites on your body. Have you ever been asked about them? Did you ever feel embarrassed?  Here are a few ridiculously foolish excuses people have given for the hickey marks on their body:

Insect bite: This is probably one of the most commonly used excuses. However, it is stupid because everyone knows the difference between an insect bite and a hickey.

Allergy: You want us to believe that you have an allergy, suddenly, that too on a particular part of the body only? Doesn’t is sound bizarre to you too?

Pet scratch: Unless your pet is an ultra romantic, it is not going to give you marks that clearly look like a hickey.

Hurt yourself by something: How does one believe someone who says they just randomly hit a pole or a door edge that hurt them around their neck or boob area?

Burn marks: One can easily distinguish between a burn mark and a hickey. However, even if you are able to sell this to someone, it won’t even take two days for the truth to reveal. A burn mark won’t vanish so soon! (Read: Real men reveal why they prefer having sex with non-virgins)

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