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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

National Nutrition Week 2017 – 10 diet rules nutritionist Akansha Jhalani follows while eating out!

With a lot of discipline most of us manage to watch what we eat at home but how do we eat healthy when out dining at a restaurant? Here are some clever restaurant hacks or rules Registered Dietitian Akansha Jhalani Sinha from bon happetee follows that does not disturb her weight loss plan:

1. Scroll through the menu before: If possible have a quick glance at the menu first to see the healthier options. You could also scout the menu online before reaching the restaurant. This will save you a lot of time later and would also help you control your sudden indulgence. Being clear headed with your choices saves the guilt later one.

2. Don’t arrive too hungry: It’s a good idea to have a soup or salad a little before just leaving home. This will prevent you reaching the restaurant too famished and grabbing anything that you could lay your hands.

3. Have water as soon as you take your seat: Not only does it aid digestion but also helps in reducing your overall calorie intake. It also reduces the urge for drinking other sugar-loaded beverages. Here are 12 ways to eat healthy at a Chinese restaurant. 

4. Make healthy choices: Avoid ‘creamy’, ‘cheesy’, ‘fried’,’ crispy’, ‘saucy’, ‘battered’, ‘breaded’ and such terms as they mean danger! Instead look for ‘steamed’, ‘boiled’, ‘toasted’, ‘baked’ and ‘grilled’ food items. Once ordered its tough to resist eating such scrumptious dishes and hence it’s a better idea to order healthy in the first place.

5. Split and share: There is nothing wrong with splitting your meal into two or three depending upon the quantity served. This also helps in keeping a portion check and avoiding wastage.

6. Pack it up: The good idea is to get half portion of your meal boxed or packed even before it arrives the table. This will help you avoid wastage and keep a portion check.

7. Be clever with your dressing: Try dipping your fork into the salad dressing instead of drizzling it over the dressing. This will prevent you from using a whole lot of dressing and would also get you the flavour of the dressing.

8. Don’t reach for that extra salt: If you feel like adding some table salt to your dish, consider using a fresh lime or a dash of vinegar to your dish. This would satisfy your taste buds and at the same time help you avoid too much of sodium. Here’s how you can order a healthy meal at an Italian restaurant. 

9. Veggies first: If you have ordered for fries and salads then always finish the salad first. Not only is raw food supposed to be had first for better digestion, but it will also fill you up surprisingly leaving little space for the junk food.

10. Say no to the refill: If the restaurant offers a free refill that is too tempting to refuse, consider sharing it with your friend. There’s no point adding sugar and soda to your system only because it is free.

These simple hacks will make you eat cleverly next time you go out to a restaurant. Nothing should come in the way of your health goals! Enjoy, socialise, party but all in a sane frame of mind!

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