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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

How to get rid of unwanted chin hair for good?

How to get rid of unwanted chin hair for good?,

Are you pained by the sight of long, dark hair on your chin? We understand your frustration as chin hair can make having someone near your face uncomfortable. Sometimes the hair just doesn’t go away, and you continue to see a pesky strand on the same spot even after you remove it. There are three reasons why your hair keeps coming back—your genes, your hormones and the method of hair pulling. Often when you go off a birth control pill, you can notice hair growth. You may also see hair growth during your puberty and menopause when there is a surge of hormonal changes. Let us find out from dermatologist Dr Sejal Shah the best way to get rid of chin hair for good.

Can pulling chin hair help?
You are not going to get rid of chin hair if you continuously pull it. Pulling starts this whole chain reaction of stimulating dormant follicles to develop noticeably darker hair.

Can waxing help get rid of unwanted chin hair?
Waxing and threading your chin hair can also be a wrong decision. The more hair you pull, the more hair you will notice growing. Also, read this before you try any facial hair removal technique. 

What is the best hair removal method to remove chin hair?
While laser offers permanent hair reduction (not removal), electrolysis can be the best method to get rid of chin hair for good. Electrolysis removes hair permanently, however, you can still notice the growth of new hair if there are any changes in your hormones. In electrolysis, a thin needle that is finer than hair goes into the hair follicle sealing the root for ever. It might take up to three settings for the root to never produce another hair. A thicker hair may have to be treated about three times and a fin hair just once. The number of treatments you need also depends on how much hair you have on your chin.
Electrolysis can be painful, but if you are okay with waxing, you might find the pain tolerable. Your doctor will prescribe some cream and also apply some ice to numb the area first. Try these chemical-free home remedies to get rid of unwanted facial hair. 

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