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Thursday, 7 September 2017

10 signs of puberty in boys that every parent should know

10 signs of puberty in boys that every parent should know

You know that your little bundle of energy is not going to be that way forever and will soon grow into a better masculine version of him. As they say about parenting, the days are long but years are short. So, even before you know it, your son will hit puberty and yes it is going to be a whole new ball game for you as a parent. Most boys hit puberty at age nine which continues till 14 as opposed to girls who start at age 8. However, every child grows at his pace and his development depends on various factors like genetics, family traits, and healthy nutrition. Here are eight signs of puberty in girls that you should know about.

We spoke to Dr Atish Laddad, founder, The Pediatric Network, Mumbai to know the signs of puberty in boys that parents are should watch out for and here goes the list:

  1. Changes in weight and height: These two are the obvious signs of growth and development. A boy experiences growth spurt at the beginning of puberty which initiates weight gain and makes him taller. The growth continues till he reaches his ideal body weight and height. How much weight a boy would gain and how tall he would grow depends on his genetic makeup and hereditary factors. Some of them also have to endure growing pains or pain in their arms and legs during this period, which is common and happens because bones grow faster than muscles. Read this to know if your child is growing properly or suffering from short stature condition.

  2. Development of pubic hair: This is an important sign of puberty. In a boy child pubic hair starts to grow at the base of the penis during the onset. This growth continues for over four years or more till it spreads to the inner thighs. Armpit hair also starts to grow during the same time.

  3. Changes in the genital: Along with pubic hair, changes in the genitals happen simultaneously. The penis and testicles grow in size and the scrotum becomes darker. The testicles grow up to 4 mm during the onset of puberty reaches 25 mm when a boy attains sexual maturity which happens between ages 15 and 18.

  4. Acne outbreak: Acne outbreak in boys during puberty is way too common. The hormonal upheavals and excess secretion of oil through sebaceous gland are reasons for the same. They might show up as blackheads, whiteheads or even pus filled zits. However, these issues settle when a boy enters manhood after attaining sexual maturity.

  5. Breast changes: Yes, breast changes happen in boys too, due to deposition of fat under the nipple. Not all boys experience this. However, this is a temporary change usually seen in obese kids and disappears as the child grows and attains a proportional body structure. This is not the same as man boobs. Here is all that you need to know about man boobs.

  6. Body odour: Some boys start to sweat more and this could lead to bad body odour. Regular shower and good hygiene are all one needs to counter this problem.

  7. Voice changes: This is typical of this growth phase. The usual boyish tone breaks to make way for a deeper, coarse baritone. Over the period a boy’s voice develops into a deeper tone.

  8. Facial hair: This doesn’t happen right at the onset of puberty, but after around four years of hitting puberty facial hair starts to show its presence, a time when boys start developing a beard and need to be given lessons on styling and shaving.

  9. Wet dreams: This could be embarrassing for some, but it is a natural phase of growing up. Wet dreams often refer to the ejaculation one experiences in sleep following an erection. This is different from bedwetting, though it could leave your bed sheet bed. These episodes are also termed as nocturnal emissions.

  10. Erections: Boys start getting erections right from puberty and it could happen at any time during the day. It happens when blood flows to the penis and makes it bigger and harder. A pre-teen might get erections multiple times through the day and it is quite normal. However, if a boy doesn’t experience an erection, there is nothing much to worry about. Erections during this phase depend on many factors like age, sexual maturity, nutrition, physical activity, childhood stress and depression and sleep.

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