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Monday, 28 August 2017

Makeup tips for dealing with oily eyelids

If oily eyelids are washing out your makeup even before you reach the party, read this

Glowing, glistening, luminous and dewy skin is the desire of everyone. Oily skin brings with it challenges of keeping your makeup in place and ditching shine. Renowned Aesthetician & Cosmetologist and Founder-Director of Bharti Taneja’s ALPs, Bharti Taneja shares with us tips on tackling oily eyelids with makeup.
  • Wipe down your eyes properly: First and foremost, give your eyes a good wipe-down as it’s always recommended to put makeup on an oil-free and cleaned skin. To banish excess oil from eyelids, one can use blotting paper. Did you know most women use expired make-up products?
  • Use primer: Use oil controlled primer on your oily lids. It helps your makeup look fresh and stable. Put some primer on your eyelids and blend it gently.
  • Foundation and concealer: After applying primer on your eyelids, pop up some foundation base onto it.
  • Translucent powder: Apply translucent powder on your eyes that can absorb excess oil of your lids. Read: Your make-up could give you sty and other eye infections?
  • Powder eyeshadow: Make sure you get a solid base onto your eyes and seal it with eyeshadow or eye Makeup. Wearing eyeshadow power gives the translucent powder a matte finish.
  • Set your eyeliner: Choosing waterproof gel liner is the best choice for oily lids as it easily dries up and sets faster. As it’s in gel form, it will last longer on your eyelids once it’s settled. Read: How to do smokey eye make up with just kajal?
So now flaunt your doe-eyed diva look and keep smiling!
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