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Monday, 28 August 2017

How perfumes are HARMING your skin

When should you not use deodorants and which is better for the skin -- roll-ons or sprays?

Do you leave your house or office without using perfume? Well, the answer is a big NO! Whether you are going to a party or getting ready for office, you can’t think of leaving your place without perfume. But did you know that spraying perfume directly on the skin can cause harm? So to help you know how perfumes are harming the skin, we asked Dr Shefali Trasi Nerurkar, MD Skin, Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Trasi’s Clinic & La Piel and here is what she has to say. Here are 7 all-natural deodorants you MUST try!

Deodorants, antiperspirants and more!
Deodorants help to neutralize or block body odour. Antiperspirants usually contain aluminium compounds which block the sweat glands and reduce the amount of sweat produced. And if there is no sweat, bacteria cannot act on proteins in the body to produce odour.

Deodorants cause irritation (because of alcohol) and redness of the skin, which leads to itching and eventually slight pigmentation of the underarm area. Short time use of deodorants can lead to skin allergies, darkening of armpits and nasal allergies. The harmful effects of antiperspirants are similar to those of deodorants, but they are more due to intolerance to aluminium compounds in antiperspirants that can lead to contact dermatitis and allergy. Here’s more on the hidden dangers of using deodorants and antiperspirants!

Roll-ons vs sprays — which is better?
Deodorants sticks or roll-ons are better than sprays. Sprays contain more chemicals for a long lasting fragrance which has a deeper impact on the skin than the sticks. The sticks are made with mild chemicals and generally does not harm the skin. There are certain deodorants that claim to be alcohol-free and are ideal for use in comparison to alcohol based ones, as the former have very low chances of causing irritation and allergies. Also, alcohol-free deodorants are gentle on the skin and don’t cause dryness. Do read to know what happens when you share roll-on deodorants?

When not to apply deodorants
You must stay away from applying deodorants after shaving, waxing and laser hair reduction as the skin is sensitive past hair removal and hence, it can sting. If you suffer from atopic dermatitis, a skin condition, then stay away from deodorants as the chemicals can cause an allergic reaction. Also, people suffering from asthmashould be extra cautious while using deodorants as the fumes can worsen the condition.

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