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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Here’s when you should NOT use a body scrub!

Here’s when you should NOT use a body scrub!

Using a body scrub can prove to be magical for your skin. The exfoliating powers of a body scrub can remove the dead skin cells and make your skin silky smooth to touch. However, a body scrub may not have that fantastic result always. Sometimes it can do more harm than good especially when you exfoliate too hard, but according to dermatologist Dr Sejal, Shah here are a few situations when you should skip exfoliating.

After using skin lightening agents: Skin lightening agents targeted to treat hyperpigmentation can irritate your skin, so using a body scrub can make things worse. Scrubbing can instead cause inflammation which can instead lead to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Be sure to consult your doctor before using any exfoliating agent not to cause further pigmentations. Make these amazing chocolate face and body packs at home.

On a sunburnt skin: Your skin suffers significant injury when you spend too much time in the sun, and you should avoid harsh beauty treatments at all costs as it can irritate your skin and make it difficult for your skin to heal. You can instead try using mild cleansers like cleansing oils to soothe the irritated skin. Applying some aloe vera gel can also quickly help the sunburnt skin.

Before or after a chemical body peel treatment: Chemical peels already remove a layer of the skin, and you do not want to get your skin any thinner by scrapping off another layer of cells. You might be tempted to scrape off the skin that is starting to come out after the peel, but you must avoid doing that as it can lead to an infection or even hyperpigmentation. Also, do not exfoliate your skin before a chemical peel treatment as it can increase the potential for a burn. You must instead use a moisturiser to soothe your skin after a chemical peel treatment. Here’s how you should take care of your skin after a chemical peel. 

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