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Monday, 28 August 2017

Beauty hacks to get that natural look

Nailing the natural look can take a crazy amount of products as well as time. Luckily, that always does not have to be the case. Beauty expert, Nandini Agarwal from Marvie Ann Beck Academy, shares a few tips to make you look all natural, beautiful and confident.
Choose the right base: If you do not want a very cakey look, opt for moisturising foundations if your skin is dry and use oil-free foundations if your skin is oily. Be sure not to use any matte finishes as it will start appearing like makeup and not your natural skin.
Use the right blush: Instead, of going for red, peach and pink just go for the colour of your cheeks to get that natural look. Here’s how to choose the right blush for your cheeks. 
Highlight the right way: It is easy to get wrong with a highlighter. Going too light will give a whitish, silvery effect to your face. Pick a highlighter that is close to your skin tone and apply it at the highest point of your check for a little shimmer.
Highlight your eyes: Use a shade slightly darker than your hair colour to fill in your eyebrows. Use a brow brush instead of an eyebrow pencil to get a more natural look. To brighten up your eyes, line your eyes with a liner that is darker than your eye colour. Then apply a few coats of mascara to define and lift your lashes. Also, try the nude makeup to look gorgeous in monsoon. 
Moisturise your lips: Rubbing ice cubes on your lips will not only help moisturise them but also make them plump. So, you might want just want to skip your lip job for this simple home remedy. Massaging some ice cubes on your lips also helps lighten them and keep them nourished. Then apply a natural lip colour for a more natural look.
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