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Friday, 7 July 2017

Would you use pore strips to remove blackheads?

Would you use pore strips to remove blackheads?

Pore strips are a popular skincare fad, especially on the internet. We have seen Instagramers and YouTubers sharing videos of them using the strips to get rid of the blackheads from the skin pores. We find all the grossly satisfying photos of people pulling the blackheads off. But do dermatologists feel the same about the pore strips? Let us hear it from dermatologist Dr Sejal Shah.

What are pore strips?
So basically the strips are a woven material with adhesive and polymer. And when you wet the strip, it attaches to the skin. You then need to leave the strip on for five to ten minutes. And when you pull off the strip you see stalagmite, stalactite type things on the strip. What you see on the strip is the oil from your skin that gets oxidised and turns black in colour along with the bacteria, dead skin, hair and dirt. So basically the strip pulls off anything that is on the surface of the skin.

Pore strips

Do the strips work?
A deep cleansing of your skin doesn’t happen with these strips. Although your skin may feel cleaner and smoother, the strips do not do anything to prevent those blackheads. Yes, the after effect of using the strip is satisfying but they do not do so much for you.

Are pore strips enough to unclog the skin pores?
You must resort to other skin treatments like retinol, retinoids and chemical peels in conjunction with pore strips. This blackhead removal trick using dental floss is all you need for clear skin.

Are pore strips safe to use?
Some people get worried that they can get capillaries but very rarely can the strips cause significant damage. However, your skin can get irritated particularly if you are using the strips frequently. You ideally should not be using them more than once a week. If you have allergies to cosmetic products, you must be a bit more careful before trying out the strips on your face.

Are there any guidelines to use the strips?
Using the strips carefully is important. Make sure that your skin is clean before you use them. Do not leave the strips on for too long, remove the adhesive from your skin to prevent irritation and clean your face after application. First, try it on your arms and check if your skin reacts. Once you are sure that your skin is not sensitive, use it on your face.

Bottomline—You do not need to use the pore strips, but you can get it if you think they are fun. Also, try these face packs for removing blackheads. 

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Image source: porestrips/Instagram

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